Friday, February 10, 2012

CareLinx Offers Reliable Solution for Long-Distance Family Caregivers

SAN FRANCISCO - According to a recent post on by the Associated Press, “Millions now manage aging parents’ care from afar”the National Institute on Aging estimates around 7 million Americans are long-distance caregivers. 

An aging population combined with a mobile society creates a struggle for adult children of seniors. While many long-distance caregivers are unable to care for their relatives themselves due to geographic constraints, according to the post,  they insist on daily phone calls or video chats to hear or see how their loved one is doing.”

Committed to providing a solution to help relieve the stress related to long-distance family caregivers, CareLinx President and CEO Sherwin Sheik states, “I developed CareLinx to help relieve many of the problems my family encountered while trying to managing care from a long distance for my sister with MS, who at one point was quadriplegic and blind. While she lives in LA, the rest of our family lives in the San Francisco Bay area, which is about 400 miles away and at least a seven hour trip by car.”

Sherwin empathizes with families who must manage care from a distance and explains, “We had such a hard time finding compatible caregivers, knowing which caregivers were coming on what day, whether we were getting billed accurately for hours listed as being worked, how to efficiently pay for the services, and most important, obtaining satisfactory updates about my sister’s health from each of her caregivers.”

Keeping up with relatives in need of care while addressing accountability concerns is important to CareLinx Vice President of Sales and Marketing Adrienne Sweet, “CareLinx offers the perfect solution. With our online tools, families have the ability to monitor schedules and our service includes the ability to track caregivers via GPS, ultimately providing mechanisms that can help alleviate an otherwise stressful situation.”

Adrienne explains that a caregiver registered on the CareLinx website must be willing to undergo an extensive background check, which covers criminal court records, ID verification, credentials and references, and education. Once a caregiver passes the background check, a “Verified” icon appears on their profile, which is visible to families.

CareLinx recently added a new five-star rating system that allows families to write reviews, visible to all users, providing an added dimension to caregiver accountable for quality service delivery. Other convenient aspects of the CareLinx platform include automated invoicing, payment processing via credit or debit card, and ACH direct deposit for paying caregivers.

Sherwin, notes, “We have integrated a forum very similar to other social media “wall” formats. Families and caregivers can securely post their concerns and write accounts of what is happening on a day-to-day basis. Family members often live a distance from their relatives and this gives them the ability to closely monitor what’s really going on.”

Sherwin suggests families can find a number of online resources that can provide helpful advice for caring for relatives from afar, such as the Mayo Clinic’s “Caregiving: Tips for long-distance caregivers”He agrees with the article’s advice to “start by understanding options for long-distance caregiving” and believes CareLinx provides an affordable and accessible solution.

For more information about CareLinx Inc please visit our website at, e-mail us at, or call (415)743-0602.

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