Thursday, May 24, 2012

It’s a matter of lifestyle

There are relatively few people who would invite a total stranger into their home.  Far fewer would invite in strangers with whom they had nothing in common and ask them to spend extended periods of time.  Seems obvious, right?  Yet, every day thousands of families across the country hire home health workers, inviting them to share the most intimate moments of the families’ lives.  Why does it make any sense for that person to be someone who doesn’t have anything in common with your family?

Sherwin Sheik, the founder of CareLinx, doesn’t think it makes sense at all.  That’s why CareLinx not only matches caregivers to families based on credentials and technical ability, but also crucial lifestyle elements.

Loved ones needing care may prefer caregivers of a specific gender or age. They may want someone who is comfortable joining them for church, shopping or social outings.  If your loved one has pets, he or she may need a home care provider who will also care for the furry members of the family. 

CareLinx takes these and other factors into consideration when matching families with home caregivers.  Making the decision to use home healthcare is never an easy one, but knowing you are equipped to find the best possible match certainly helps ease that burden.

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