Friday, June 1, 2012

A Sense of Hope

The following note was sent to us by a CareLinx user, describing her family’s journey from self-care to professional homecare:

My mom and step dad live in Red Bluff and are just now starting to have some challenges with trying to care-take one another. My mom has been living with MS diagnosed for 12 years and likely has had it 30 years or so they suspect. My step dad has severe cardiac issues, diabetes and pulmonary issues as well. They now seem to have some needs for an outside caregiver...transport related and some other I went to your web site and searched and found someone who sounds great to me...perfect actually, and she was actually the first person I even pulled up!

I also have MS myself and so it is very hard/impossible for me to provide care since I work full time (and that in and of itself is a struggle each day) and live near SF, 3 hours from Red Bluff. This past week, I went to Redding with my parents--my dad had an angiogram procedure and was unable to lift anything beyond 5 pounds mom is unable to drive anymore so I helped get them to and from the hospital...and helped them with carrying their pets (which had been boarded for several days for the surgery) back home to their home in Red mom is very weak but still ambulatory with the use of a cane...they are both very isolated and do not have a lot of friends or family locally they can rely on for ongoing help. They are both fall risks and live in a two-story home that is extremely cluttered...very scary...

I guess what I want to say is...thank you for having such a wonderful web site! This was one of the hardest weeks of my life--seeing my parent's health deteriorate in this way and knowing they cannot help one another much and I can't be there to help them either--sometimes living with MS and other health issues makes me feel so helpless ...when I visited your web site this evening it made me feel the first real sense of hope that a solution is out there...closer than I thought it would be...

Really, I appreciate what you are doing and just wanted you to know matters, a lot.

- Joy O.

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