Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The Holiday Season has arrived, and many dispersed family members will be coming together to enjoy the festivities and take part in the merriment of the winter season. This annual congregation is a great time for adult children to assess and re-evaluate the changes in care for an aging parent or sick loved one. CareLinx
encourages you to use this  opportunity to determine how your loved one is doing and assess their care and changing needs. The holidays are a busy time and it can be hard to manage all the socializing, meals and family time.  We encourage you to keep CareLinx in mind as you head into the holiday season with family and
determine the needs of your loved ones.  

We've found a number of articles that should help you with topics from noticing changes in your loved ones lifestyle, to sitting and talking about their goals and hopes for the coming year. Have peace in mind, knowing that your CareLinx Family is here to help support you through this changing time. Happy Holidays! 

Some helpful Articles:

Before it's too late: How to have the Tough Conversation with your Aging Parents: http://www.aplaceformom.com/blog/tips-for-tough-talks-with-aging-parents/

Home for the Holidays is Time for Health and Safety review of Aging Parents: http://www.homehelpersphilly.com/blog/?Tag=visiting+elderly+loved+ones+during+the+holiday

Easing the Added Stress of Caregiving During the Holidays: http://www.4therapy.com/life-topics/aging/easing-added-stress-caregiving-during-holidays-2435

Caring for Seniors: Travel Tips for the Holidays: http://basseldercare.com/article/caring-for-seniors-travel-tips-for-the-holidays/

Seven Tips for a Happier Holiday for Senior Caregivers:  http://www.theseniorcareblog.com/post/seven-tips-happier-holiday-senior-caregivers


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