Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Internet Use For All Ages

Thinking back to a time before smart phones, texting and GPS navigation can seem like the distant past at times.  With the era of technology in full boom, incoming generations are becoming more and more tech savvy, while baby boomers and seniors are losing interest in keeping up with the latest updates in todays technology based society.  With the immense quantity of outlets available for searching, sharing, reading, connecting and much more, every age group should learn what sites fit their individual lifestyle.  With billions of places to end up, for many people the Internet can seem like an overwhelming and foreign land.  We at CareLinx wanted to boil down a few of our favorite user friendly websites that would best benefit our community!

Operating in over 50 learning centers around the U.S., SeniorNet offers simplified tutorials on managing personal and financial records, receiving/sending emails, uploading and touching up photos, video chats and more! This is a great tool to utilize when it comes to staying in touch with loved ones from afar.

With features ranging from tech tips, to exciting senior friendly current events, SeniorPlanet offers an insightful yet quirky take on senior living.  With a slogan like “Aging with Attitude” who could resist?
Staying up to date with different benefits that you or your loved one are eligible for can be a tricky task.  Sites like can keep you in tune with proposals and bills passed that could change how much you are paying for health care.
For tips on financial planning, retirement, senior fashion and more, is the place to go.  This site also serves as a great tool for caregivers trying to spice up their caregiving routine by offering a variety of senior friendly activities, as well as expert interviews on caregiving.

For a wide assortment of articles for individuals 50+, AARP touches on all topics necessary to keep up to date with health news, work and retirement, food, travel and much more.

Looking for love later in life can be hard, especially when your social circle hasn’t expanded in years as retirement has taken course. Sites like SeniorCupid pertains directly to the senior demographic, and provides a great way to get back into the dating world.  

Whether it’s you or your loved one who want to utilize the web, using this vast resource can be a great tool that’s easily operated by anyone with the right guidance.  We at CareLinx hope that these great website suggestions can help you in finding outlets for you or your loved ones personal interests.  Let the Internet be your new playground!

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