Friday, August 23, 2013

Tips On Hiring The Perfect Caregiver

Boiling down the “right” way to hire a caregiver for your loved one can not only be complicated but stressful and daunting as well.  With 1 in 4 American’s looking for care according to AARP, the need for a simplified process to finding care is a necessity.  We at CareLinx want to break down simplified steps for our community to use that will make the hiring process even easier.

      After finding a few candidates that fit your criteria, feel free to reach out to them through CareLinx to schedule an interview.  Setting up a phone or an in person interview are both great options depending on what you feel most comfortable with.  You can do so by utilizing our messaging system.  Prior to the interview be sure to have a sense of what the must haves are regarding personality traits and experience that you and your loved one desire in a caregiver.
      During the interview process, be sure to have a list prepared covering all questions you would like answered.
      Set expectations early on in the interview.  Read through the assessment list that you have created and inform the caregiver of all the requirements that you and your loved one have came up with.
      Ask for a list of numbers that can be contacted for references.  This will give you a good sense of their previous dedication and reliability to positions they have upheld in the past.
      Be sure to have a clear understanding on how much the caregiver is charging for their services.  Also determine how they would like to be paid ie: cash, check, or direct deposit.  Please 
note that if you hire a caregiver privately you may be deemed the employer of record and you will need to manage your tax liability. Consult your accountant.
      Check with your home insurance policy to see if it covers domestic employees, if it doesn’t contact your agent to get a rider.
When you do end up hiring a private caregiver, do take the first week to assess how things are going.  Does my loved one feel comfortable? Is this caregiver reliable and showing up on time? Are my requirements being met? At the end of the day if your loved one isn’t perfectly content with the care they are receiving for whatever reason, then it’s ok.  CareLinx is here to match qualified caregivers with families in need of care, and there is in fact a perfect fit out there for everyone.

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