Sunday, July 13, 2014

Caregiver Comic Strip Launched - July

This summer, the CareLinx Team is introducing a comic strip featuring Rusty, a retired watchdog, and his caregiver, "CC" the Companion Cat. Each Sunday, we invite you to learn more about this duo, how they get to know one another, and the issues they talk about. From time to time, they may ask their readers a question or two! We hope you will enjoy Rusty and "CC" and share them with family and friends.  Here is the first week in the series.

If you are like us, these two characters will grow on you and from time to time you will start asking yourself, "what would Rusty and CC say about that topic" or "what would Rusty and CC do in that situation?" If you do start having those conversations, please write them down and send them to us! We would love to hear them. 

Launched on July 13, 2014, the comic series will appear each Sunday on CareLinx's Facebook and Pinterest sites. 

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