Saturday, August 23, 2014

Power of Checklists - Checklists and Tip Sheets for Caregivers

A checklist is an aid that can help keep us safe and empower people.  In the CareLinx comic series, Rusty the Retired Watchdog, caregiver "CC" the companion cat likes to make lists. One of his more popular lists is an Emergency Checklist for Caregivers. His list also includes healthy ways to cope with the often-exhausting and stressful job of caregiving. 

CC's other lists for caregivers include:
  • Brain-Sharpening Activities 
  • Outdoor Activities and Destinations
  • Music and Movie Tips
  • Communication Technology Tips
  • Questions for Library Visits (and other
    Community Resources)
To see these and more, follow our Pinterest Board devoted to Caregiver Tips 

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