Tuesday, December 23, 2014

15 Last Minute Gifts Seniors Will Love

Here are a few more practical gift ideas for the special people on your list. Even those who say they don't want or need anything, small, thoughtful gifts can make the visit even more special because it shows you care. The Carelinx Team appreciates this guest post from our friends at DailyCaring.

15 LastMinute Gifts Seniors Will Love

Get great gifts ASAP
The holidays are almost here and you don't have a gift for your older adult yet. Don’t panic. You still have a little time.

We found 15 excellent last-minute presents at stores like Walgreens, CVS, Duane Reade, Target, or Walmart. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to fancy stores to get your loved one a thoughtful, nicely wrapped gift.

Why go to a drugstore?
Big chain drugstores or stores like Walmart or Target are great for last minute gifts because they’re open late or 24 hours a day. Plus, they’re one-stop shops for gifts, cards, and wrapping.

Here are 15 thoughtful gift ideas your senior will love. Even though every local store carries different items, you’ll be able to find something very similar to our suggestions.

15 last-minute gift ideas
10 gifts for anyone
  1. $6 Stick anywhere light - great for added safety
  2. $8 Mini massager - for sore arthritis spots
  3. From $8 Throw blanket - a cozy lap blanket keeps knees warm
  4. $9 Basic electric toothbrush - improve dental health
  5. $10 Spill-free cup - no more messy spills
  6. $13 Motion-activated stick anywhere LED light - great for added safety
  7. $15 Birdhouse - attaches to the window so birds are easy to watch
  8. $15 Unique pillow - twists into various shapes for comfort anywhere
  9. $20 Comfy gel cushion - comfy addition to any seat
  10. From $40 Advanced electric toothbrush - really improve dental health

3 gifts for men
  1. $20 House slippers - non-skid sole, adjustable, breathable, comfortable
  2. $22 Mini electric shaver - get a clean shave anywhere
  3. $88 Philips Norelco Aquatec - high-quality cordless electric shaver

2 gifts for women
  1. $17 House slippers - non-skid sole, adjustable, breathable, comfortable
  2. $11 Luxurious lotion - moisturize fragile, dry skin

Wrap it nicely
Another convenience these stores offer is nice holiday cards, gift bags, and tissue paper. For a quick, but beautiful gift presentation, you can’t beat a handwritten holiday card attached to a beautiful gift bag artfully overflowing with colorful tissue.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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